• 2 years of residence history ( # years and months)


• Previous address if less than 2 years at current address


• 2 years of employment history. Pls include: Name and address of employer(s); Title/position at current job(s); Business ph#; Number of years at this job; Number of years in your line of work


• Last 2 years’ tax returns (federal only) plus W-2s
(1099s for self-employed borrowers)


• Last 2 months’ paystubs showing year-to-date income for monthly-paid borrowers ( last 4 pay stubs if borrower is paid biweekly)


• 2 months checking and savings statements. Pls include ALL pages front and back including blank ones


• Most recent statement on other investments (401K, IRA, CD, etc.)


• Divorce decree / child support, if applicable


• Most recent mortgage statement


• Copy of your home insurance policy


• Copy of your lease agreement if you own an investment property


• Clear copy of your driver's license(s)


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